January 1, 2021

Episode 8: Perspective

Is there another East Chapel Hill out there? Well, not that we could find. The research can't be classified as exhaustive, but it was exhausting (not a stretch).

Most new schools have nowhere near the success East Chapel Hill had in its first season of boys basketball. In fact, it can take years to build a strong program. That first championship set an early standard at the school, which won state titles in multiple sports the following year. 

How unusual was the Wildcats' run as a first-year team? As hall-of-fame sportswriter Tim Stevens said, "It was almost like out of a movie."

It was indeed movie-like, so this episode includes insight from the creator of Hoosiers, a classic film about high school basketball. 

Just hearing about 1-2-3 Wildcats? Here’s Episode 1

Want to talk East Chapel Hill hoops, answer trivia questions, or share memories of the Wildcats? Wildcats Hotline: (919) 867-1319; Twitter: ECH Hoops Pod

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Executive producer: Brian FitzGerald

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